At Dispensaries Compounding Centre, we pride ourselves as the industry leader in compounding. Our facility meets both NAPRA sterile and non-sterile guidelines. With almost 1400 sq.feet of lab space, complete with sterile hazardous and non-hazardous compounding rooms, our newly constructed facility is truly dedicated to compounding. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment which in-creases efficiency and elegance of the finished product. The patented compounding software system we use increases accuracy and minimizes errors. We hold the highest standards of quality control in our compounding centre thus ensuring our clients and their patients receive top quality products. Efficiency in production allows us to provide value, offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround of 24 hours* or less. We have been proud members of the Professional Com-pounding Centers of America (PCCA) since 1995.

*depending on location


Pharmacist/Manager: Kanishkumar Sangani (#13584)


9631 41 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB T6E 5X7

Phone: (587) 782-6850

Fax: (587) 782-6849

Email:  dccinfo@dispe....

Google Maps Location: COMPOUNDING CENTRE


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As your premier compounding pharmacy since 1934, we have taken the time to become more knowledgeable in this area of practice and have partnered with Professional Compounding Centres of America (PCCA) in order to enhance our ability to provide our customers with products that are of the highest quality.

Experienced in:

Quick Turnaround

We aim to provide a fast turnaround time of 24 hours or less for most orders.

Delivery Service

We can deliver your order right to you. Please contact us for more details.






Upon request of a patient, the licensee will provide the name and practice permit number of any regulated member who provides a pharmcy service to a patient or engages in the practice of pharmacy with respect to a patient.